Social ballroom dancing in Sydney might just be one of the best choices you ever make for your health, fitness and happiness. It offers an excellent opportunity to get to know people in your local area, become incredibly fit, have a lot of fun and work on a skill that comes in handy on a regular basis.

Whether you’re single, a couple, planning a wedding or just looking for a fun activity this is one of the best things to do in the city.

Read on below to find out more about the top benefits and why you should give it a try.


Get fit


Social ballroom dancing in Sydney is an excellent and fun way to improve your fitness. You won’t even mind the workout when you’re moving and shaking it to the music with a local group of like-minded people. It certainly beats the gym when it comes to fun and is actually an excellent way to build up muscle tone and improve your endurance and agility.

Low impact aerobic exercise can burn some serious calories, so you can expect to lose some serious weight even if you’re only showing up once a week. Social ballroom dancing in Sydney can also help to improve your flexibility, joints and bone health, relieve stress and improve your mood.

It’s fun and great for your health – what’s not to like?


Make some friends

Social ballroom dancing in Sydney is one of the best ways to make local friends. Going along for a lesson can be a great way to make new friends and meet new people. The focus is often on creating a fun atmosphere and no one is there to compete, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect environment to get to know everyone.

If you’re new to the city you’ve probably found that it can be difficult to make new friends, whilst there’s plenty to see and do, Australia’s biggest city can actually be kind of hard to crack into when you’re new.

There’s no better way to get beyond the getting to know you phase than through a shared activity – you already have common ground with these people!

Social ballroom dancing is definitely worth a try if you are open to new things and new people.


Impress your partner

There is nothing more romantic than a man (or woman!) who knows the steps to the Waltz or who can Tango. It’s a sexy, fun thing to do with you partner and can be an excellent way to build you bond as a couple, or practice for your first dance at your wedding.

This is a great and cost effective activity to do as a couple, not only do you get to spend time together but you also get to work on a skill together. This is an excellent way to bring people together.


Improve your technique

If you have two left feet the only way to fix it is practice, practice, practice. Luckily, social ballroom dancing in Sydney is low pressure; all of the other students are in the same boat as you and looking to improve their skills in a low pressure environment. There’s no need to be embarrassed as everyone is just looking to have a lot of fun.

Whether you’re an amateur, mildly experienced or professional dancer, everyone can enjoy a fun atmosphere and the opportunity to make new friends.

Friendly, professional instructors provide you with a great opportunity to improve your technique at a skill that you will carry with you your whole life.