The PR industry can be a cutthroat environment where crafting and improving a brand’s image can quickly become a painful exercise.

With a lack of control and vision for what a business wants out of their public relations endeavours, local enterprises are left to wonder how they can improve their standing with their community and the constituents at large.

There will be public relations companies in Sydney like The Ideas Suite who can be outsourced to meet this challenge, offering strategy and implementation to influence and shape public opinion.

However, whilst they can be a major asset if used correctly, there will be some providers who cannot match their rhetoric with action.

That will be grounds for firing – here we will look at some key benchmarks that have to be met if they want to avoid that scenario.


No Communication Skills or Client Engagement

The Ideas Suite and other public relations companies work at the privilege of their client – not the other way around. Some operators in this field can buy into their own myth and believe that their expertise trumps all other opinions and priorities. The fact of the matter is this exercise requires a collaborative approach as both sides work to formulate a coherent blueprint to improve the brand image and widen the consumer appeal. When messages are left unanswered and consultations are canceled or delayed, that is a signal that their communication skills and client engagement is below industry standard.


When Their Strategy Is One-Dimensional

There can be public relations companies in Sydney who fall into a couple of unwanted categories – those wedded to traditional and old school campaigns and startups focused purely on digital expansion and brand awareness. The two practices should be compatible if the endeavour is to be successful, making any one-dimensional party a poor partner for a project of this scope. From print advertising in magazines and newspapers to Facebook and YouTube ads, radio spots, SEO work and more – these techniques are optimised when they overlap.


Absence of Long-Term Strategy

Public relations companies in Sydney who operate on an ad-hoc policy where impulse and reactive decisions are made are doing their clientele a major disservice. Without a plan there is no leadership, guidance or accountability on actions because there are no stated aims and objectives to read. That is not to say a PR firm cannot be opportunistic if there is an opening to capitalize on, but it should be utilised in the context of a coherent strategy.


No Relationships or Networks to Leverage

Public relations companies in Sydney should not be working in isolation from other parties. From media entities, marketing gurus, political interests, public institutions, community organisers, service operators and other stakeholders – these outlets should have a multifaceted apparatus where relationships and networks are leveraged for tangible gain. If all of the responsibility rests on the PR firm to make waves in the market they are destined for failure because they do not have the capital or influence to create that impact alone. It will illustrate to the client that their reach is too small and when that shortcoming has been identified, they have to be fired.


Over Billing

The billing policy for a public relations companies in Sydney can be easily compared to other entities in the market with a simple online search or conversation. If these operators have made attempts to over price for their services and include additional fees or opted for the most expensive marketing strategies consistently, that will be grounds for seeking new representation. These organisations can offer a variety of payment policies including flat fees or hourly rates but they should not be over inflated above market value unless the results are extraordinary and justify the expense.



Commercial clients will have their own key performance indicators (KPIs) where they will judge public relations companies in Sydney on their merit. However, these organisations will likely have a high confidence level and come to the table with a myriad of creative ideas, so they should be held to account when they fall short of expectations.