When it comes to tree removal service across Australia, it should be imperative to hold on to our big gums and other specimens that have to grown to impressive heights.


There’s a wide range of reasons why it’s important to keep tall canopies throughout our urban development and flora management. We’ve thrown together a list of just some of these…


  1. Markers of the seasons

First is one reason we may not think about all that much. Many of Australia’s deciduous specimens such as the Red Cedar and Flame Bottletree are rather sizable, and are great indicators of seasonal climate. Are we officially on our way into the coldest part of the year? Has spring come earlier than the calendars suggest?

  1. Shade

Tree removal of larger canopies will take away much of the shade over suburbs and city streets. Tying in with shade, are the following important things…

  1. Cooling down

The shade of large canopies cool the cities by around 12 degrees. This can make all the difference between breaking a sweat and sweltering on our muggy summer days. Studies have identified an increase in heat-absorbing roads and buildings with the increase of big tree removal.

  1. UV shielding

In addition to temperature regulation, the gracious shading of our big city canopies, also means greater protection from exposure to UV rays from the sun that are capable of producing skin cancers. This is the most common form of cancer in the USA.

Big tree removal will take away the natural shielding we have from these rays in playgrounds, university campuses, parks, and other city locations where we can spend hours in the outdoors.

  1. Cleaning the air

Big leafy canopies also catch pollutants, and can cleanse microscopic particles as well as noxious gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and ozone. They can absorb odours, and filter air through leaves and bark.

  1. Capturing rainfall

The leaves of big canopies catch falling raindrops. From here the raindrops can evaporate, before precipitation occurs again in another location, and the cycle continues. So, big tree removal may interfere with essential weather patterns. Plus larger canopies reduce storm-water flow on the ground.

  1. Save water

Tying into the above, big canopies help conserve water. The shade they provide slows down the evaporation of water from lawns and soils that really need the drink.

  1. Capturing carbon

In the wood and soil. A hot topic at the current time is that of climate change due to the build up of carbon excess in the air. Big flora absorb and remove carbon, and pump oxygen back into the air. An acre of these can remove the carbon produced by a car that’s driven around 41, 840 kilometres!

  1. Better health

Not only for the natural environment, but for us humans! This includes both our physical health due to the cleaner air, UV protection, and so forth, but our psychological health as well.

Studies have found patients with a luscious view heal more quickly and smoothly, compared to those without such a view. Other studies have found kids with ADHD express less symptoms when exposed to nature. Such views can reduce mental fatigue and concentration problems.

  1. Stopping soil erosion

Another environmental factor that should be considered in tree removal is that of how bigger flora, especially on slopes, slow runoff and keep soil in place. Big tree removal may put this at a disadvantage.

Tree removal is at times necessary and helpful, however there are many valuable services provided by big canopies to keep in mind in our fast growing urban landscape.