Balloons are an interesting addition to parties and in some cases may be going out of fashion. However, the reasoning behind this seems silly as they provide a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Because businesses offer helium tank hire in Sydney, these ones are the way to go for parties as they will stay up and there is no need to worry about tripping over them as the kids run through the back yard.

They also provide a good form of entertainment and can be used for numerous games throughout parties. Because they have so many diverse uses, it makes them an essential addition to any party that is deemed to be contemporary.


They can be used as decorative pieces throughout the party and this isn’t just because of all the different colours that they come in. They are able to be drawn on, have things glued onto them and made into lots of different shapes. The creativity that balloons allow makes them an essential piece at all parties.

Additionally, with companies offering helium tank hire in Sydney it is easy to have lots of helium balloons that will stay up all day or night. This means that they do not get in the way of the party and also maintain their decorative look. Having a party that looks good from start to finish often makes it a good party and guests will appreciate the effort.

Some examples of the decorative options that they provide include; ‘hot air balloons’ that can be used as a centre piece with flowers, glitter-covered ones that are hung from the ceiling, covering bottles with patterned ones, and a balloon arch that can be large or small and placed on a table or outside as an entrance.


With so many games available using balloons, it would be silly not to get them for a kid’s party. The best party is that they are interactive for everyone and don’t require immense skill. The first one is balloon rockets and this is where a balloon (with a rocket drawn on) is inflated but not tied off so that when it is let go it flies and the furthest one wins.

Another fun one is balloon tennis and this is pretty self-explanatory. There is a net and paper racquets and they are used to play tennis with the balloon. The hard part is not letting it touch the ground. Balloon darts is also a great one where all of the balloons are blown up and placed on a wall and whoever takes the most down wins!

Playing ‘keep it up’ with the balloon is a great game for the kids as it is actually rather challenging for most. The aim of the game is to keep the balloon in the air for the longest by blowing on it. If it hits the ground, you are out.

With helium tank hire in Sydney available, there is one final game this is without a doubt the most fun. Each person fills up a balloon with helium and ties it off so none of the air gets out. They then have to take it in turns reading out serious news articles having inhaled some of the helium. The aim of the game is not to laugh whilst the other person reads out loud.

All in all, balloons are just a fun thing to play with at parties and make the event look nice. They are great for decorating and for laying games and really don’t have any limitations as to how they are used. They are a symbol of fun and a party that doesn’t have them isn’t a real party.