Shared office space is also referred to as co-working space. This has become very popular in recent times because of the increasing demand for affordable spaces for solo-entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers.

For some businesses, a co-working place can serve as a great transitional space. You might be able to afford a large space for your office but you will require a place to meet clients and work. A co-working place can serve as a great space to increase connectivity with like-minded people. This helps in enhancing your network.

However, you should keep in mind that shared office space also comes with some disadvantages. Thus, to manage your team effectively and ensure the productivity of the business, you have to be prepared. Here are some common problems that you face in office space management.

Lack of Control

A majority of the co-working space comes with a pre-configured blueprint. This means that you will not have any control over the space. This is the reason you have to choose a shared office which has a layout that caters to the requirements of your business and the workers. It is better to choose a section which is naturally separated from the all the other parts of the office. This will make you feel free and will allow you to have more control over the office.

Increase in Distraction

Since shared office can be used by businesses and workers of all kind, it might at times be difficult to concentrate. For workers who are making adjustments to work at office from working at home, there might be an increase in the desire to socialize. As a manager, you should schedule breaks for giving the employees a chance to socialize with one another. You can also assign a social space that is located away from the workspace.

Problems with Company Culture

Defining the culture of the company is important for the satisfaction of the employees. While using a shared space, you will not be able to put the signature of the company on it. Thus, you need to choose a space that caters to the values of your company. Personalize your space with some motivational posters and allow your employees to bring some items of their own to decorate their desk.

Tips to Ensure Success in a Co-Working Space

  • A majority of the co-working spaces come with several amenities such as free coffee, meeting rooms, kitchens, and free office supplies. You need to consider the amenities that are important for your company and choose a space on the basis of this.
  • A co-working space usually comes with a wide range of office layouts. There are some companies who like open office setting while there are others with traditional cubicle space. Choose a space that helps you to be productive and creative.
  • If your company is a local one and you are planning to bring the team together, you need to consider the location of the working space. The amenities outside the office also help in improving the culture of the office.