Coworking spaces, also known as shared spaces, are a great option for home office workers who are planning to get out of the house in order to collaborate and network. Startups are usually born in a home office. However, with time, it matures and usually requires something in between a home office and a conventional office space. In this case, a coworking space is the perfect solution for you.

A coworking space can be beneficial for small scale business. However, not all such spaces have been created equally. Hence, it is important to do your research prior to selecting the place for your business. Here are some pointers that you need to consider before renting a shared office space.

A Network

The community that is offered by a shared working place is as important as the physical space. Organized and formal networking functions are great for meeting entrepreneurs. However, a good working place is capable of offering more than just happy hours. This is a central hub for small business, independent contractor, and start-ups. Thus, coworking spaces can help you to network with people who will enable you to develop profitable partnership and new business ventures.

When entrepreneurs work from their home, they might feel the lack of camaraderie. There are other business owners out there who are facing the same challenges. If you share your problems with the community of the shared working space, they might be able to offer you some solution.

Mentorship Opportunities

One of the primary benefits of shared working space is that you gain access to the mentors. Growing companies can take the help of this environment to try to find funding while having access to the rental space, the basic amenities, and technologies that are required for a business. However, the primary selling point is that you will also be able to obtain guidance and membership from other businesses or individuals.


You should know that in order to successful, you always have to be open to new learning and ideas. A coworking space will offer you education opportunities and this will enable you to grow your business. There are some shared working spaces that introduce you to new technologies. While there are others that offer workshops to develop entrepreneurship in all the underrepresented parts of the population. You might learn from a series of class that is provided over a long period of time.


At present, there are coworking spaces which are providing various amenities like the big companies such as nap room and complimentary snacks and gourmet. This keeps the people from leaving the workplace. These amenities can make your time at the working place enjoyable and comfortable. However, you need to keep in mind this will not help your business to be successful. A coworking space should have the required and should be a part of a greater ecosystem with infrastructure and other important resources for the betterment of your business. Hence, you should choose a shared working space that provides the infrastructure that you require for your startup.

Prior to choosing a coworking space, you need to make sure if it is beneficial for your business and increase your productivity.