Digital printing is a new, innovative way of making prints from electronic files like a PDF or PSD. How does this work? In essence, your work is created and modified on a computer before being printed onto any type of material that you choose. Compared to traditional methods, digital printing removes many of the cumbersome steps that often inhibit the process. As such, let’s take a look at many of its benefits and how it could fit into your business’ operations or your own personal use.


Superior quality

Digital printing offers superior quality over regular methods. Moreover, it is incredibly consistent and reliable. It doesn’t matter how convoluted or detailed your image is; with your digital printing device, your high-resolution image will be displayed perfectly. All the colours and fine lines will show up magnificently. Indeed, this is perfect if your business designs cards, like wedding invitations, posters, holiday or travel brochures, and commercial flyers.




Can be customized

In modern marketing, customizing your offerings is central in building a personal connection with your customer base. With this electronic method, you can effectively customize your prints quickly and in an affordable manner. You want to be able to adapt your services for different clients, so knowing that you can mould and refine your publishing materials on a large or small scale is a big competitive edge for your firm.

In addition, it is also much easier to remove mistakes from your promotional materials if any last minute corrections need to be made. It doesn’t matter the size of your printout either: even extremely large printouts can be corrected and modified with exact precision.


Time efficiency

As stated before, digital printing is a far quicker process than its more traditional counterparts like lithography. Indeed, in this process, there are far fewer steps and there is very little set up required in order for the process to begin. What does this mean? It means that your publishing materials, whether it be a brochure, a weekly magazine or a street flyer can be released into the public domain in a shorter time frame. Connecting with your targeted customers quickly shows that you care for their needs and are punctual in delivery. This can only do good things for your business’ reputation.


Lower costs

Put simply, you can print things on a larger scale at a much lower per-unit cost. It is far easier to duplicate the exact image without any variations in quality or style. For those businesses that are strapped for cash, using electronic methods could be the way to go when designing your promotional materials.


A wide variety of materials

Moreover, using digital printing services also means that your images and content can be applied to a wide array of materials, apart from just regular paper. Such materials include various types of wood, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), glass or other types of plastic. This is perfect for businesses seeking a wide variety of options when advertising their brands and products/services. For example, a printed billboard may be more effective than a catalogue. With digital printing, such questions can be considered and acted upon.




Short runs

You might be a new business starting up; meaning you don’t want to spend more money on a large print run if you’re unsure as to how your marketing brochure will fare in bringing about more customers and sales. Naturally, you want to test the market to gauge how visually effective your promotional flyer or billboard will be amongst all the others. Here, digital printing is perfect for “short runs”, where only a small number of items are printed in order to evaluate their market effectiveness.