Should you be someone who is inactive for long periods of time, whether you consider yourself young and healthy or elderly and retired, the problem of varcoise veins can be a relatively common occurrence.

Natural blood flow and circulation will take place when you happen to be on the move and the result of having an inactive lifestyle will be costly to your health.

As with any health related issue it is always advised to visit your local GP, doctor or healthcare professional – from receiving a diagnosis to accessing treatment.

Yet for something like varcoise veins that is a genuine pain both literally and aesthetically, there are steps you can take to combat this ailment at home!

Unlike other health matters that will require supplements, medicine or professional treatment to solve the problem, these unduly lines can be eliminated from sight with the assistance of some everyday techniques. None of them require any real strain, just the ability to get out and move.

Steps To Preventing Varcoise Veins At Home

Get Walking!

Varcoise veins will quickly disappear with this simple trick – walking! As soon as your calf muscles begin to relax and the blood flow begins to coarse through your veins, then you should start to see the blue lines disappearing. This is not always easy for people who suffer other ailments where movement can be difficult or painful, but even a slow and steady walk for a few minutes can really help. Should you feel stuck in an office for extended periods of time, head to work from a fair distance form where you park and stretch those leg muscles wherever possible. Movement is the key and regular walking will help to combat this problem.


Walking is a significant help to eliminating varcoise veins, yet the use of yoga or pilates will see your body stretch and extend as a means of exercise. The poses that are required for these activities are an ideal remedy and depending on your age and profile, there will be different format options to suit your needs.

Loose Clothing

It might sound straight forward, but wearing loose clothing can really help to alleviate varcoise veins. Tight leg stockings, socks, shirts, lycra or spandex can compress blood flow away from its natural state. While your profession might dictate a certain fashion, you should try and break out from those restrictions to let your body breathe wherever possible.

Engaging Anti-Inflammatory Diet Option

Whilst these are great options at tackling the symptoms of varcoise veins, it is worthwhile to engage a practice that tackles the challenge at the source. These lines will often be a result of a poor diet as well as limited movement as high levels of sugar, alcohol and caffeine will contribute. Anti-inflammatory foods that are high in antioxidants, rich in magnesium and high in fiber will boost heart health and improve blood flow.

Losing/Maintaining Healthy Weight

Clearly a strong common denominator for the development and cause of varcoise veins comes down to individual weight. Studies continue to draw a parallel between overweight and obese citizens with this type of ailment, so conducting regular exercise sessions and eating healthily will help to solve this issue.


So there we have a list of helpful techniques to combating varcoise veins at home. There will not be a one-size-fits-all approach to this ailment, yet the underlying principles that see them emerge will be the same across the board. The best tips to seeing those dreadful varcoise veins disappearing from your body is to get moving and to get healthy.

Note: Visit a healthcare professional or local doctor for a diagnosis and to prescribe treatment should symptoms persist.