The key to finding good IT internships is to employ multiple strategies instead of relying solely on one. Some common and effective methods including going to career fairs, networking, speaking with relevant local companies as well as checking online listings. Finding the perfect work experience won’t just fall in your lap. It requires time and planning on your behalf to ensure that all avenues and aspects are covered.

While it is time consuming, the payoff is worth it as you will be setting up your career from an early age. To help you on your journey we have put together a couple of recommendations to get you off on the right foot.

laptop screen showing programming codes


Start searching early

You should be aware that a couple of industries will have early deadlines for their programs so it is vital that you start your search as soon as possible. When you start early it allows you to make some important connections with professionals as well as alumni to get your foot in the door. You will also have more time to put into effect your other strategies rather than just applying for roles online. Doing the applications early and then going out to network is a very effective method to help you secure a position. Universities should have records of which industries have early deadlines to help you out even more.


Understand your broad career interests

Don’t be too specific when it comes to finding what you want to do as it will limit the options available to you. Gaining experience in multiple fields will allow you to offer a comprehensive service rather than just focusing on one niche field. Students who come straight out of university with their hearts set on one specific role may be disheartened when they don’t get it. Keeping your options open and broad allows you to get exposure in multiple fields and may lead to you developing new interests and goals.


Network and communicate

Speaking with those that you are familiar with and professionals will create new relationships that will help you on your career path. Trying speaking with your family, friends, faculty, university advisors and career specialists at your university to find out what you want to do and how you can achieve your goals.

Contacting the alumni from your university is also another useful strategy when looking for an IT internship as they can offer interview and career option information that they have experienced first-hand. It is also highly recommended that you send them a thank you message to them for lending their expertise and time with you.


Search through online resources

Some universities may have a list of recommended IT internship resources that you could be able to subscribe to. If they don’t you still have the internet as a giant resource at your disposal that you can take advantage of. There are many websites out there that compile lists of companies that are currently look for IT internship candidates so be sure to check directory websites.

Additionally you should be visiting company websites to see if they are exclusively advertising through their channels. Classified ads both online and offline are also good avenues to see if employers are interested in hiring students straight out of university for some work experience.


Attend career days and fairs

One of the best ways to see if companies have IT internship programs is to speak with their representatives at career fairs. Top employers attend fairs to recruit the best of the best at universities. They will most likely have IT internship programs so be sure to have a quick minute introduction about yourself prepared to sell yourself to these companies.