roller blinds

You can typically get roller blinds in numerous sizes, colors and materials at Burns for Blinds. In many cases, you’ll be able to get one that matches your frame completely as they come in many standard sizes. But if you can’t get an exact match, it’s straightforward to cut it to the proper size. You should select window dressings that are slightly longer and wider than the frame of your window. You can cut the roller blinds down with a saw. The method of making them fit might vary based on the material used in your roller blinds.

What varieties are available?
Roller blinds are available in many different materials like cotton, vinyl and aluminium backed in all kinds of different colours, patterns and styles.


Fitting your roller blinds

Before cutting your frame fittings make sure you consider your space and how you would like them to hang. There are different options like hanging them on the window frame, above it or from the ceiling. The way you choose to hang your window dressings can really change the way the room looks so make sure you test out a few different ways.


Look out for any protruding parts

Before you secure your product  to the wall make sure you check for any potential hazards or obstacles that may protrude out or affect the path of your frame fittings as they could potentially rip or damage them or inhibit your fittings from rolling or unrolling.


Check the width of your window treatments

Before you fit your fittings make sure you check the width of them with brackets included, you want to leave 5mm on either side. Once you’ve checked your width make sure you mark out where you want to fit the chain.


Fit the backets

Now that you have your measurements and have decided on your placement it’s time to get your brackets attached to the frame or wall. You’ll want to use a wood drill built, or if you’re drilling into the wall a masonry drill bit with wall plugs.


Cut your them to the right width

Once you’ve fit your roller blinds in place it’s time to cut them to the right width, first saw the cylinder and then cut the fabric. The best way to cut your fabric is with a sharp pair of sewing scissors.


Put your fabric back on the cylinder

Once you’ve cut your fabric it’s time to get it back on the cylinder so that you’re roller blinds will operate properly. You can do this by removing the protective coating on the adhesive strip and then carefully placing your window treatments on the cylinder. Once you’ve wound up about ¾ of the fabric you’re ready to hang them in place.

Insert them into the hanging mechanism and enjoy.

There are many sizing options out there so chances are you will not need to cut your window fitting yourself. If you find that the ones you have brought off the shelf aren’t quite the right size then it’s an easy DIY fix for handy people with the right tools. If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to do it by yourself, or if you don’t have the tools on hand then considering in calling in the experts. It surprisingly affordable to have your fittings cut and fitted and nothing beats a professional finish.

So there you have it, a simple and easy how-to on getting your windows to look great. Roller blinds are one of the best options out there for frame dressings because they offer so much in privacy, shade and different styles.