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In today’s society, a woman has the freedom to choose what she does with her body. This extends from simple decisions such as how she dresses, to more complicated choices such as if she wishes to be a mother. Whilst there are a range of birth control methods, nothing is 100% safe. Due to this, some women find themselves expecting before they are ready. In this situation women have a life changing decision to make, continue with the pregnancy or visit Clinic 66, a pregnancy termination clinic.

Getting an abortion is one of the hardest things any woman will have to do, and whatever choice she makes will be something she has to live with for the rest of her life. This means that before visiting Clinic 66, you need to be completely sure that you are making the right choice for you.

But how do you even begin making such a difficult choice? Keep reading for some help with determining if visiting a pregnancy termination clinic is the right decision for you.


Consider how you feel

The first thing any expecting woman needs to think about is how she feels about the situation. For some women, this will be a simple answer, whilst for others it may be more complicated. For women who never planned on being mothers, the decision to visit a pregnancy termination clinic is slightly more simple, but for those who hadn’t considered having a child before, it can be more challenging.

The important thing to remember is that regardless of how you are feeling, it is okay. You are allowed to have conflicting emotions and you are allowed to feel confused. This is why you should take some time to sit down and really think about your emotions and how it would impact your emotional health. Some women find it helpful to write down their feelings on a piece of paper. This can often help to bring some clarity.

Although there are other things to consider aside from your own feelings, how you feel is ultimately the most important thing. Your approach towards having a child will determine how you proceed and which steps you wish to take going forward.


Look at your current situation and your future goals

It’s no secret that having a child is time consuming and expensive. It is important not to forget that if you decide to continue to full term, you will be responsible for the child for the rest of your life.

So, before making any decisions, it is recommended that you consider your current situation as well as your future goals and aspirations. Some important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is my current financial situation and can I afford a child?
  • What are my goals and aspirations for the next five years?
  • How would having a child impact my personal/career goals?
  • How would an abortion help/ hinder my goals?
  • What impact would having a child now make on my life?
  • What impact would having a child have on my emotional well-being?


Know your options

It is important to remember that although it may feel stressful, you do have options. Knowing your options can sometimes take some of the stress off and help you to decide which is the best alternative for you. There are three main options for women: parenting, abortion and adoption.

Parenting: This first option is something that about half of women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy opt for. Instead of choosing to visit a pregnancy termination clinic, lots of women choose to raise the child themselves.

Adoption: Some women do not agree with the concept of visiting a pregnancy termination clinic, but also do not wish to have a child. In this situation, adoption is a great alternative. There are many couples who are struggling to have a child and who are in the position to financially and emotionally care for a child.

Abortion: For those who do not wish to have a child, abortion is an option. However, it is important to remember that this is time sensitive and the earlier you visit a pregnancy termination clinic, the easier and less intrusive the procedure will be.