hair salon

The concept of a ‘brand’ can be ambiguous and intangible for many consumers.

At its core, it is a reflection of the reputation of the business and the wider community image that is understood by constituents and consumers.

When hair salons near me like Planet Hair first move into their premises, they are often starting from ground zero.

Relationships have to be formed as women make judgments on their skills and attention to detail.

Even if the salon is one member of a wider chain, they still have to prove their credentials to each and every client that walks through the door.

From the perspective of the business, they have to adhere to some universal principles if they want to boost their brand and attract more attention.


Make The Salon Accessible and Welcoming

Hair salons near me that exude a sense of elitism and specialist treatment will eventually isolate themselves to a small corner of the market. That policy will only sustain for a limited timeframe as these outlets are best placed when they make their shop welcoming and accessible to all participants. From women young and old, rich and poor, and from all types of ethnicities and styles, there should be no barriers where constituents feel unwelcome.


Improve The Time Waiting Element

Much of the time that is spent seeing hair salons near me for an appointment does not involve the application of treatment including cutting, drying and smoothing – it is waiting. Waiting to sit in the chair, waiting for a dye to sit, waiting for the hair to dry. This is where some music for ambiance, magazines for reading, coffee to drink and screens to watch entertainment helps to pass the time.


Use Wide Variety of Hair Products

woman getting a hair treatment

The best hair salons near me are outlets that go above and beyond for selection of products. Be it shampoos and conditioners to dyes, sprays, waxes and mousse, a mixture of domestic and foreign brands should be utilised to empower clients to make their own styles and choices. Some providers will form a relationship with a single supplier because there is a financial incentive. While that is convenient for the business, it does not do the customer justice.


Offer Guidance and Recommendations for Clients

Each and every woman will have their own feelings and interpretations about what style will suit them. Yet it is always beneficial for hair salons near me to have expert operators who have the experience and knowledge to lend their guidance when requested. To avoid frizzy hair that dries quickly or curls that bunch over time, certain stylists will offer recommendations for treatments in the shower or applying a blow dryer under certain conditions. The same can be said for adapting new colours, avoiding any aesthetic disasters where blonde dye accidently offers a red look or a black dye produces grey hairs. If the salon is only interested in the transaction without offering any educational substance, that won’t add any value to their brand as a business.


Online Booking

Opening up an online booking portal is one of the best methods that hair salons near me can utilise to improve their brand image. In 2019 local constituents are pushed for time and even a simple phone call can extend this process beyond what it should take. For operators who are online, it is a major asset to be able to book in for a morning, afternoon or evening appointment by logging onto the website or tapping into an app. That way the client can gauge how popular the bookings are and what options are presented, avoiding a lengthy phone call as the hair dresser runs through each slot individually. Online bookings are available across other industries with hospitality and seeing medical practitioners, so there should be no barrier to including this feature as well.