hardware supplies

  1. H & G

H & G is an abbreviation for Hardware and General. This is one of the famous team for hardware among the hardware shops in Sydney which has many branches in the different parts of Australia. It includes Brookvale, Blacktown, Dural, Hornsby, Mona Vale and Peakhurst. The main focus of the products and services of the team is on the categories like builders, plumbers, trades and renovators of homes. The range of the products is the major attraction of the team that makes them very different from the other teams. Lets us get to know more about the different advantages of the team in detail.

The independence of the team is also one of the highlighted features of the team which makes it attracted by many of the users in Sydney. The quality assurance is always done any the different levels of management of the team so that there is no chance of disappointment for the user at any level. The team got established in the year of 1960 which clearly proves how experienced they are in the industry. The major areas where the services of the team are rendered include building, plumbing and renovation industries.

Some of the exclusive services provided by the team are noted here. It is quite significant that there are not many teams who provide such services in the city and even in the country. The services include:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Colour matching
  3. Cutting
  4. Bending
  5. Cutting of keys
  6. Refilling of gas
  7. Testing of pool water
  8. Account facilities

The friendly services from the qualifies team members which focus more on the helpful and timely advice makes the customers feel so easy and cosy with the team which is the major reason why once a customer has always become a customer of the team.


Like Kennards Hire, H & G also knows that the knowledge and information of the team members is one of the inevitable qualities for industries like other hardware shops. If it is not present, it can lead to major issues related to the safety and life of the users. As far as the team H & G is concerned, it is filled with the trained and experienced specialists who can easily lead the customers to the right products. The awareness of the specialists about the individual advantages as well as disadvantages of each product makes them very different in their approach.

The different aspects of the products like benefits, uses, methods of application and maintenance also have been communicated to the specialist’s team at regular intervals of time so that the most modern products or the most recent product is also familiar for the team members. This is also a part of the quality assurance by the team.


The team H & G is very famous for the experience they have since 1960 in the filed of hardware industry which made them one of the most trustworthy hardware shops in Sydney. The friendly approach and helpful advices given by the trained specialists is also an attractive feature.