Making the decision to take up dance can be a confronting one. While there are obvious benefits to dancing, it can be hard to start something new, especially later in life. There are worries about not fitting in, about not been able to keep up and even about not looking good in the appropriate clothes. Whatever the worry, this can easily be combatted by opting for private dance lessons in Sydney.

This way, a one-on-one experience can be had, and confidence can be gained before taking on group classes. The only decision that needs to be made from there what type of lesson to partake in. There are many different styles ranging from Ballet to Hip Hop, so this article will further explore different types of dance lessons available.


Tap is a form of dance that is characterised by the sound of tap shoes striking against the floor. When people think of tap, they think of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly who are old Hollywood dancers. Broadway tap is used a lot in musical theatre whereas rhythm tap focuses on the musicality. This is a fun option for those who are looking to try something light-hearted and joyous. It is the perfect choice for Broadway or jazz lovers and really helps improve coordination, while giving a nod to old Hollywood.


While jazz is a broad term to use, it mostly describes a theatrical dance performed on stage by professionals. This is again a great choice for those who love musicals and theatre. When seeking out private dance lessons in Sydney, it is likely that foundations of jazz will be focused on. This will include learning and practicing kicks, turns and jumps while improving flexibility and coordination.


Contemporary is a performance genre that includes a lot of controlled legwork, floor work, fall and recovery as well as improvisation. Many enjoy the flow and femineity of this genre. It is known to be an expressive and beautiful form of exercise and will be a great choice for those who are looking to mix emotion with their lessons.


This genre focusing a lot on body isolation and generally teaches a variety of moves that is later put into a routine.  This style includes hip-hop music which is often the sample of beats, bass lines, rhythmic beatboxing, and rap. This is a fun genre for those who love RnB music and who enjoy learning choreography that forms a routine. More freeing and loose clothing can be worn, and the overall atmosphere is more laid back than some other styles of dance.


Ballet is a style that focuses on technique, with highly formalised set steps and gestures. Classical ballets are Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. Many spend years training in this genre, but it can be taken up at any time. Ballet is a very beautiful form of dance to learn as dancers express their mood through movements. A story is usually told with the music and the emotions of the dancers. Taking up this style can be an extremely rewarding experience as it does require discipline and focus. It is of course still a fun option to choose, especially when it is a hobby rather than a career.


At the end of the day, it may be wise to trial several different styles to see what is liked the best. It is also important to remember that it is easy enough to change styles or add another type of class down the track. The different dance types mentioned in this list are only the tip of the iceberg as there are many more choices out there.

Some honourable mentions are Latin, Salsa, Bollywood and Ballroom. It is beneficial to do a little research and find something that sparks interest. This way, the many benefits and joy that these lessons offer can be experienced. Once a style has been chosen, it can be extremely beneficial to seek out the support of and learn from one of the private dance lessons in Sydney. The history and moves of a specific style can be focused on in private classes, and students can leave feeling more confident, flexible and coordinated.