Not everyone can be treated to having a spacious backyard but that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice your style for your home. Even if you live in an apartment and only have a balcony to decorate, fear not as there are many different ideas to help you out.

Make the most out of your small backyard area with some of the best style ideas for any small backyard space.


Herb garden

Herb gardens can be both practical and stylish. Herbs can grow both in pots and planters which is great for compact spaces. Get a long plant tray and fill it with soil. You can then get a metal holding frame to be able to hang it out a balcony to get some of that sweet sunlight and potential rainfall.

Another option would be to have an assortment of herbs in smaller pots stacked on a table. It gives your space some flair and also saves space.

Vertical wall hangings

When space is of the essence, vertical is your best friend. Having plants growing along a wall look both great naturally and maximises your potential space. This idea can be incorporated with any type of plants including a vertical herb garden or a vertical flower display.

Artificial living wall

If you’re strapped for time as well as space, an artificial living wall could be your best find yet. With little to no upkeep, this garden style is easy to implement into any backyard space. While also giving a natural look you can save yourself money from water and other potential gardening supplies.

Another benefit of artificial living walls is that they can be in places with less sunlight than would be normally necessary to upkeep your fauna.


Following the artificial theme and another great addition to your backyard would be faux-grass. Faux-grass can be styled in many different ways either being the foundation for a garden or transformed into a rug for an outdoor area. Whatever your intention, the green will add some extra style to any area.


Adding some depth to your backyard doesn’t have to be a burden on the budget. Having mirrors strategically placed around can really extend an area. That’s why bars use them on their liquor shelf to look like they have more!

A quick easy style to implement would be to get old wooden picture frames and mount a mirror into them. Hang them on fences or walls to add some depth and elegance to your area. If you have some vintage mirror lying around they will work just as good!

The floor is lava

When you have a small space, too many things on the ground could give off a cluttered, hoarder like feel rather than a stylish little corner. To avoid this have planters or other ornaments hanging from the patio or fences to maximise space. The have the same effect on the ground but make the area a lot more accessible.

If you really want a vegetable garden you can also grow certain fruits and vegetables from your roof. There are many techniques out there to achieve this but a common one is to suspend a coke bottle cut in half from your patio. Throw in some potting mix with the seeds and the tomato stem with start to grow downwards giving you your own perfect upside down tomatoes.

In the end everyone has their own style and discovering it is the best part. These are just some ideas to help maximise your space and give your backyard the flair it deserves.